The Ministry of Science and Technology has promoted the AI Innovation Research Program and established four AI research centers, including the Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Research Center (AIMS), which is located at National Tsing Hua University and focuses on intelligent manufacturing.

The goal of AIMS is to establish a world-class AI research center that will build on Taiwan's traditional strength in manufacturing and make critical contributions to advance it to the next level.

In addition to the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Program Office of AI Innovation Research (AIR), AIMS has invited distinguished leaders from the academia as well as the industry as members of its advisory committee, including Dr. Chin-Tay Shih, Morris Chang Chair Professor at National Tsing Hua University; and Dr. San-Cheng Chang, Chairman of the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry; Dr. Mark Liu, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited; Mr. Jung-Hsin Liao, Chairman of the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation; Mr.Ken Lu, Chairman of the Tze Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology; Dr. Wanjiun Liao, Distinguished Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University; Dr. Sinn-Wen Chen, Tsing Hua Chair Professor and Senior Vice President (Academics) of National Tsing Hua University.

AIMS coordinates many outstanding research teams and projects in Taiwan in the field of intelligent manufacturing, including promising areas and applications such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine vision, machine network, big data analysis, intelligent agriculture, intelligent machinery, etc.


Building on Taiwan's Traditional Strength in Manufacturing

● Upgrade and transform current industries in Taiwan

Create opportunities for experts in artificial intelligence, statistics, manufacturing, management, science and technology law, social sciences, etc., to work together, promoting interdisciplinary research and innovation.

● Create high-paying jobs in Taiwan

Collect and maintain manufacturing big data, organize AI competitions or hackathons for intelligent manufacturing solutions, and utilize these events to train or cultivate AI talents that will help to enhance competitive advantages and profitability of the domestic industries.

● Build partnerships between academia and industry for innovation and entrepreneurship

Establish strategic alliances with industry associations and institutions, integrate and utilize academic resources, bring in domestic and foreign venture funds, and accelerate the growth of startup companies.

● Elevate Taiwan's global visibility and influence in AI

Building on Taiwan's strength in manufacturing, promote cooperation with leading research centers and multinational companies worldwide, and invite domestic and foreign experts to interact, share and collaborate.

● Export effective AI solutions for intelligent manufacturing

Promote the development and application of advanced technologies in artificial intelligence in the field of intelligent manufacturing, help the domestic industries to adopt AI or even create a brand-new AI industry, and export these technologies to other countries.


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